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Table 4 Group differences in FA in AFQ-identified fiber tracts

From: Structural abnormality of the corticospinal tract in major depressive disorder

AFQ fiber group CTL FA MDD FA pvalue
Left corticospinal tract 0.620 0.020 0.644 0.020 <0.002
Right corticospinal tract 0.614 0.021 0.639 0.015 <0.001
  1. p values were computed using two-sample t-tests and a false discovery rate (FDR) procedure was used to account for false positives as a result of multiple comparisons. See Figure 1 for corticospinal tract (CST) renderings and graphical display of differences.
  2. AFQ automated fiber quantification, MDD major depressive disorder, CTL control, FA fractional anisotropy, M mean, SD standard deviation.