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Figure 2 | Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Figure 2

From: Anterior cingulate cortex and insula response during indirect and direct processing of emotional faces in generalized social anxiety disorder

Figure 2

A priori region of interest: Anterior insula. A) Voxel-wise main effect of group for the contrast Match Faces > Match Shapes, along with Match Angry > Match Shapes, Match Fear > Match Shapes, and Match Happy > Match Shapes, showing bilateral anterior insula (aINS) displayed on statistical F-map at p < 0.05; cluster size >10 contiguous voxels (family-wise error corrected for multiple comparisons across small volumes of interest). Color scale reflects F-score. B) Bar graphs depicting extracted parameter estimates of activation from the aINS ROI within each group showing Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder exhibited greater bilateral anterior insula activation than Healthy Controls (p < 0.05).

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