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Table 2 Significant regional differences in fractional anisotropy values of the left superior longitudinal fasciculus and right inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus were found in patients with major depressive disorder compared to controlsa

From: Meta-analysis of diffusion tensor imaging studies shows altered fractional anisotropy occurring in distinct brain areas in association with depression

Region Talairach coordinates SDM value Uncorrected
P value
Voxel number Breakdown
(number of voxels)
Left SLF, inferior parietal lobe -38, -38, 26 -0.271 0.00023 179 Inferior parietal lobe (63)
Subgyral parietal lobe (70)
Insula (25)
Supramarginal gyrus (12)
Extranuclear (6)
Subgyral frontal lobe (1)
Superior temporal gyrus (2)
Right inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus 30, -56, 2 0.125 0.000097 33 Subgyral occipital lobe (8)
Subgyral temporal lobe (11)
Lingual gyrus occipital lobe (4)
Middle occipital gyrus (4)
Extranuclear (5)
Middle occipital gyrus (1)
  1. aSDM, Signed Differential Mapping; SLF, superior longitudinal fasciculus.