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Table 4 Summary of the major study findings

From: Influence of life stress, 5-HTTLPR genotype, and SLC6A4 methylation on gene expression and stress response in healthy Caucasian males

  DNA methylation Gene expression change in response to the TSST
   SLC6A4 expression: LL > S-group
Early life stress ↑ LINE-1 methylation: S-group ↔ LL ↑ SLC6A4 expression: S-group ↓ LL ↔
F3 methylation: S-group ↑ LL ↔
Chronic stress ↑ LINE-1 methylation: S-group ↔ LL ↑ F1 methylation correl w/ NR3C1 expression: S-group ↑ LL ↔
F1 methylation: S-group ↑ LL ↔
  1. Note. Arrows pointing up or down indicate significantly increased or decreased methylation/expression, respectively. Sideway arrows indicate no significant change.