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Figure 1

From: Increased default mode network activity in socially anxious individuals during reward processing

Figure 1

Monetary incentive delay (MID) task. Each run of the MID task consisted of 72 trials. The first box shows the cue types presented, with circles indicating the potential to win money (gain cue), squares indicating the potential to lose money (loss cue), and a triangle indicating no money will be won or lost (neutral cue). A cue was presented for 500 ms, followed by a fixation cross (2,000 to 2,500 ms) and then the target square (160 to 260 ms), during which the participant was instructed to press a button as quickly as possible to win or avoid losing money. A feedback screen (1,650 ms), in which the top number indicated the amount of money won or lost during that trial and the bottom number indicated the participant’s total amount, was presented at the end of each trial.

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