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Figure 1

From: Reduced hippocampal and medial prefrontal gray matter mediate the association between reported childhood maltreatment and trait anxiety in adulthood and predict sensitivity to future life stress

Figure 1

Relationships between hippocampal gray matter volume, childhood maltreatment, and trait anxiety ( N = 818). (A) Statistical parametric map from medial temporal lobe ROI analyses illustrating voxels exhibiting a significant negative correlation with CTQ total scores within the left hippocampus while controlling for age, gender, and recent life stress (LESS) (x = −18). (B) Scatterplot depicting hippocampal gray matter volume from a 5-mm sphere surrounding max voxel (x = −18, y = −21, z = −18) as a function of CTQ total scores. (C) Trait anxiety plotted against gray matter volumes from 5-mm sphere. Scatterplots reflect partial correlations between variables after controlling for gender, age, and recent life stress (LESS). Y axes reflect standardized residuals. (AU = arbitrary units).

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