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Table 2 Results of Multiple Logistic Stepwise Regression Predicting Post-trauma Outcome from the Set of Pre-trauma Variables

From: Predicting post-trauma stress symptoms from pre-trauma psychophysiologic reactivity, personality traits and measures of psychopathology

Maximized Sample
Outcome   Selected Odds Wald   
Measure N Predictor(s) Ratio Chi-Square df p
IES-R 96 Shipley Est. IQ 0.95 4.28 1 .039
   EMG Diff_E1 1.17 4.46 1 .035
   BDI-II 1.15 3.50 1 .062
Post. Prob. 95 Shipley Est. IQ 0.94 5.72 1 .017
   SC Mean Resp. 4.02 3.70 1 .055
  1. Note: Post. Prob. = Posterior Probability score derived from script-driven imagery assessment; IES-R = Impact of Event Scale-Revised total score; Shipley Est. IQ = Estimated WAIS-R Full Scale IQ from Shipley Institute of Living Scale; EMG Diff_E1 = corrugator electromyogram differential response during extinction, i.e., the averaged CS interval response to the first five CS + trials minus the averaged CS interval response to the first five CS- trials for the extinction phase; BDI-II = Beck Depression Inventory-II score; SC Mean Resp. = Skin conductance mean response to loud-tone presentations.