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Table 2 Definitions for "construct validity"

From: Criteria of validity for animal models of psychiatric disorders: focus on anxiety disorders and depression

Definition Reference
'Whether both the behavior in the model (1) and the features of depression being modeled (2) can be unambiguously interpreted, and are homologous (3), and whether the feature being modeled stands in an established empirical (4) and theoretical (5) relationship to depression.' [15]
'a theoretical account of the disordered behavior in the model, a theoretical account of the disorder itself, and a means to bring the two theories into alignment' [26]
'Construct validity of a test is commonly defined as the accuracy with which the test measures what it is intended to measure' [9]
'the accuracy with which the model measures what it is intended to measure' [18]
'bring the theoretical accounts of both the disorder itself and the disordered behavior exhibited by the model into alignment' [21]
'a theory-driven, experimental substantiation of the behavioral and/or neuronal components of the model'
'(...) map a theory about the biopsychological mechanisms of a human disorder on to a biopsychotheory of a particular animal behavior'